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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Add another goal race to the list

If you read back to my first or second entry, you will see the BIG goal that I am working towards; that is, completing a 50K ultra.  Because the mileage is a challenge in itself, I am not worried about time, only pushing my limits in order to make it across the finish line.  Thus far, I have some good races lined up to get me towards that goal: three half-marathons (9/19, 10/17, and 11/14), a back-to-back 8K/5K the day before the OBX Half Marathon in November, and a 10-mile trail race in VA on 12/5.  Depending on my recovery from the 13K/13 mile OBX Challenge, I may pass on the last one – don’t want to risk an injury.  Logically, there should be a gradual buildup between these races and the 50K; adding on mileage and course difficulty each time.  Well, I have found that race and it is the Orcas Island Ultra 25K on February 5, 2011 in Washington (a few hours from Seattle).
Based on the description and popularity of the race, it sells out each year, I am surely not going to be disappointed.   Here is a brief overview of the course from the event website:
Course: Beautiful soft and well maintained singletrack trails through old growth forest with waterfalls, lakes, cascading creeks, and views of the Puget Sound, the surrounding islands, and on clear days the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges, including Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier and Mt. St Helens.
Sound pretty good, huh?  Total elevation gain for the 25K is 3,910 ft; that should burn.  Well, that is all for now…just wanted to share a little excitement about this 15.53 mile adventure in scenic Washington State.  Don’t know if the wife will read this, but thank you for taking me seriously when I said this would be a good race.  Much appreciated support!  Glad I spent some time refining the easy, V02 max, tempo, and speedwork portions of my training (figuring out correct heart rates, intervals, etc.).  I am going to need it!   

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