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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to reality

Not so good news = back to work today.  Good news = knee is feeling MUCH better thanks to being diligent about icing and elevating it.  More exciting news!  Meg and I are going to do the Pamlico Jack Challenge in November - run the OBX 8K on Saturday 11/13 and the OBX Half-Marathon on 11/14.  Should be one heck of a challenge and a great time.  I have moved onto Dean Karnazes' second book - 50 in 50 - and have found it quite enjoyable.  Unlike Ultramarathon Man, it tackles many of the issues runners face on a daily basis - how to deal with injuries, good pre-run meals, staying motivated, aid station etiquette, etc.  Good lessons for our voyage into running.  Can't go without saying - wow, do I have respect for someone who runs 50 marathons in 50 days considering the road bumps we have enountered after our half.  Can't wait for Philly and North Face!

Looking forward to running on is it tough to hold back, but it is for the best. 

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