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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making Goals

Today's topic is establishing challenging yet attainable goals.  What are my goals?  Well, for one, I want to complete a 50K race by the end of next year; preferably, the North Face Endurance Challenge in San Francisco in Dec 2011.  This will be a true test of determination, character, and perseverance.  Challenging and attainable?  Yes and yes (with some hard work).  What about my other goals?  Well, here is what I have so far.

1) Single race goals: ING Rock n Roll Philly Half-Marathon (9/19), North Face Endurance Challenege Half-Marathon (10/17), The Fall Backyard Burn Trail Run Series (Race #4) (12/5) - maybe on the last one, based on the pain ensudred as a result of goal #2

2) Complete the OBX 13K/13 Mile Challenge (something my wife came up with - thank you, Meg)
- Run the 8K on Saturday, the 5K two hours later, and the Half-Marathon on Sunday.

3) 50K North Face Endurance Challenege Race (San Francisco - Dec 2011)

4) ?

Right now, goal #4 is a work in progress.  I NEED goals to keep me going, I cannot just run to be in shape (Dean K talks about this in 50 in 50).  When I pick a goal I commit myself and work at it until it is met.  This makes me happy and gives me a tremendous sense of purpose.  So, who knows, goal #4 may turn into 25 half-marathons in 25 states (I am liking this one; best off, it is doable) or something else.  Why set your sights low and no demand a lot from yourself?  Ironman 70.3 (1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, and 13.1 mi run) in 2012 or 2013?  We shall see...

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